Let's Talk TV

I don’t have a super stirring and original post today and it’s Shonda Rhimes fault. I'm exhausted.

For those of you who did not see the Grey's Anatomy season finale… I don't know what to tell you. It was the most intense roller-coaster ride of a 2-hour show that I have seen in a while. The characters were stripped bare and allowed to be their purist selves (as generally happens in times of crisis – you get to see who people really are). And you found yourself cheering for a person one minute and almost praying for a stray bullet the next. They kept the suspense in place for all but the last ten minutes of the show. Who lives, who dies, what next, why and how?

A few issues (without spoilers) - really with Callie and Arizona sniping at each other in the middle of a lockdown? What kind of lame-assed SWAT does Seattle have? Mandy Moore's purpose was...? Where was Miranda's dude in her time of need? Who knew Richard had a straight gangsta psychologist card to play?

At the end of the day, the show may be called Grey's Anatomy but Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber are the heart and soul (no pun intended) of Seattle Grace.

Even if you never watch Grey's, I would recommend you check this out (with wine and an inhaler) to see what quality TV looks like. Where script is kept tight, dialogue can move the plot and the obvious isn't necessary. This episode was Emmy worthy. Here are the first ten minutes... (Warning: Graphic Violence)

Personally, it was the best season finale I've ever seen... and I've seen quite a few. Someone tried to compare it to an ER shootout finale but this was done with a more emotional (and believable) touch. And quite truthfully, it was written smarter. [Update: Ms. Rhimes responds to the swirl surrounding her finale right here: http://www.greyswriters.com/]

Even if you are not a Grey's fan, let's talk TV. I watched Criminal Minds Wednesday night. It was a about a serial killer who found his victims through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) - that gave me significant pause and has be reviewing my privacy settings and network security. Speaking of Criminal Minds, CBS has picked up a spin-off starring Forest Whitaker. It doesn't have a title yet but is slotted for a mid-season replacement.

Here's what the fall 2010 network line up looks like (reminding me why I watch so much TNT and HBO): Fall 2010.

Did anyone watch Criminal Minds? If you watched the Grey's finale, what did you think? Any Lost watchers out there? Was/Is there a season finale you liked or are excited about? A show that you are sad to see go? (Flash Forward) Have you given up on TV altogether? Just waiting on football to start back up? The floor is yours...