The Original Sunday Good News Story: Easter

I love Easter. I like the church services, the message, the meaning and the spirit behind it. I find myself frequently irked that in popular culture, it's represent by an egg-birthing bunny and chocolate. But let me not dwell on the irritating.

Beyond the fact that Easter is the cornerstone upon which my faith and religion were built, it's just a perfect holiday. Even if you are a non-believer (skeptic, agnostic, whatever your choice) it's a day where you can celebrate that we made it through the winter and anything is possible. And whether you choose to believe the story or not, it is the premise of 90% of the tales told in books, movies, plays, etc. Check out but a few of the plot points spawned from The Story of the Passion:
  1. Rising out of adversity, against all odds
  2. Love conquering all
  3. Grace under fire
  4. Betrayal by close associate
  5. Sacrificing for the greater good

And let's take a look at some of the clichés and sayings that originated with the Easter story:

  1. Father knows best
  2. It's always darkest before the dawn
  3. Things will look better in the morning
  4. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
  5. Hope springs eternal

So instead of opening up a can of worms by asking what does Easter mean to you, I'll just say Easter touches our lives in ways we probably don't consider. Hope you enjoy the day.