Saturday Video Shout-Out: Regret/Feels Good

Happy Saturday, ya'll. Let me take a minute to shout-out my ex currently blowing up my cell phone. [Note to Ex: If someone doesn't answer after NINE calls, they aren't trying to talk to you. The next message you hear will be from my service provider informing you that this telephone number is no longer accepting your calls]. By the way, I had no idea who LeToya was but I will download almost ANYTHING with Luda on it. Reppin' for the Dirty South ya'll. I know, I'm so very, very hood. Enjoy:

And since I like to keep it positive around these parts, let me share a video that explains exactly how I feel about hitting that "IGNORE" button on the cell phone today J:

Love Rahsaan Patterson, he's one of the most slept on artists out there. Hope you're having a great weekend. Anyone want to send a musical shout-out this weekend?