Oscar Re-cap: Mo’Nique, Precious, Tyler Perry and Big Girls…

Let's all join hands and sing Kumbaya for a moment shall we? We simply are not going to get on the same page about a lot of things. That's both the beauty and the irritation of the human race and the African American culture. The only thing we will ever agree on is that we all breathe air, need water and think differently.

That "think differently" thing was made abundantly clear Sunday night as I watched (sort of) the Oscars. More than watching the show, I watched the comments from folks on Twitter. Here were some of the issues where people simply could NOT agree to disagree:

Mo'Nique: Some people felt she deserved to win the Oscar, others thought she did not. There was a belief that "we" (African Americans) only win Oscars if we are pimps, abusers, victims or monsters. (I counter with Whoopi Goldberg and Sidney Poitier). There was also irritation that she mentioned Hattie McDaniel in her acceptance speech. Not sure what was wrong with that.

Tyler Perry: They panned on Tyler Perry in the audience and the Twitterverse erupted. Seriously we have to agree to disagree on TP. Some of us will never like his films, his TV shows, or him. Some of us think he walks on water. Dude is either Step-N-Fetchit in Armani or Moses reincarnated. He's either bringing us together or bringing us down. We are never going to agree.

Precious: I'll admit I have not seen it. I probably will at some point. I'm one of those people who takes movies and TV shows into my spirit… literally. I have to be careful what I watch because I will dream myself into the plot for weeks and months to follow. It's the primary reason I can't watch horror films. I've no need to run from hatchets in the middle of the night. So you can understand my reluctance to watch Precious. Yet I was told that the reason I don't want to watch it is because I cannot embrace the full scope of the African American experience and realize that life is not all Huxtables. I could counter by saying we could use more Huxtable-esque movies but I'll just say let's agree to disagree about the impact of the film and book and whether they accurately represent the African-American condition. (which cannot be defined in a single film anyway)…

Big girls: I hate that fat jokes seem to be the last acceptable prejudice in America. Even when Mo'Nique was walking up to get her award someone was tweeting "why is this big b*tch sauntering to the stage, she needs to move all that along." Someone complained that Cameron Diaz was getting thick. Give me a break, she may be in a 6 instead of a 4. I won't even share the comments on Gabby Sidibe. But I unfollowed 6 people for their complete lack of tact or couth. People please. Get off the playground and recognize the value in people beyond their waist to hip ratio.

The Oscars: They either rocked or sucked. They were either the best ever or the worst in history. Sarah Jessica Parker was either fabulous or in serious need of a biscuit and some hair gel. Gabby was either robbed or Sandra totally deserved it. Avatar was over-rated or Hurt Locker was this year's Slumdog Millionaire.

All right, BougieLand – let's get it in. Go on ahead and air your Oscar views so we can put it to bed. Who looked good? Who deserved to win? Who needs a new stylist? Do you even watch the Oscars anymore? Random thoughts, comments, observations?