It’s Hashtag Wednesday: If you could make up a holiday, what would it be? #MyPersonalHoliday

So you can tell by my feeble effort on St. Patrick's today that it's not my favorite holiday. So I thought about it, what if I could make up a holiday of my own? Just create a day where people are celebrating where/how/when/why I wanted them to celebrate. Not a birthday or an anniversary, just a random day picked out on the calendar for the purposes of celebrating whatever I wanted.

If you haven't joined us on a Hashtag Wednesday, let me explain: On Twitter, people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, when we tweet about A Different World, we would add #ADW somewhere in the statements. If enough people use the hashtag, it becomes a trending topic. Some of this week's trending topics were #HipHopSyllabus where people suggested classes that Hip-Hop artists should teach – Hammer teaching Fiscal Responsibility, Beyoncé teaching Advanced Acting, Kanye West teaching Etiquette… quite amusing.

So since I'm not feeling St. Patrick's Day… I thought I'd make up my own hashtag. So here we go:

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be called Bougenificence Day. A celebration of all things bouge.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be on April 20th or the Friday closest to it because we need a day to bridge between Easter and Mother's Day and I'm all about a three-day weekend.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would have the colors of purple and green. It is MY holiday after all.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be celebrated by Mardi Gras-style parties, balls and parades. I think we will need a national step-off and Ebony/Fashion Fair type Fashion Show as well. Hosted by Oprah.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be toasted with White Chocolate Martinis or White Chocolate Mochas, drinker's choice. Grilled Salmon and Filet Mignon with broiled asparagus tips on a mixed-green salad - served everywhere (with 2 for 1 coupons).

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would have cable channels playing Neo-Soul artists and New Jack/90s movie marathons. A 24 hour ban on BET... just because I can.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would need to be a National Holiday. I need banks closed and shops open. The joy of a Macy*s One-Day Bougenificence Sale – can you imagine?

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be headquartered in Martha's Vineyard or the Hamptons.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would include a traveling exhibit of bougie heroes, headlined by the Obamas.

  • #MyPersonalHoliday would be awesome (doncha think?)

Okay, BougieLand – whatcha got? If you could make up your own personal holiday, what would it be called? Why? When would it be? How would we celebrate? Drinks? Colors? Do share…