In case you missed it: How Bougie is THIS?

Originally posted in August of 2009. Still relevant. Ya gotta love the Wheel of Bougie!

We've had spirited discussions surrounding the definition of bouge; we've looked at the good, the bad and the ugly. So now let's play a game… [jeopardy! music starts in the background] How Bougie is THIS? (Also known as Wheel of Bougie!)

I will share a BougieTale and tell you how bougie I think it is, you can comment in and let me know what you think.

  • A girl I know has gone bowling twice in the last few months with her co-workers. After the very first outing she was irritated (slightly nauseated) with the class of bowling shoes she was forced to rent, she bought her own pair of bowling shoes to wear. She bowls an average of once every three years. I say… it's a l'il bouge.

  • BougieMom had an emergency appendectomy a few years ago. As I sat in the hospital waiting room, an older gentleman from a large black family approached me. "Ya hungry, baby? We got some food downstairs." I declined since I had already eaten. Now I assumed they meant the cafeteria or they had set up some sort of buffet. When I went out to the car, my people had set up their patio chairs in the parking garage. They had about six Fry-Daddys going and were dipping chunks of catfish and hushpuppies into the oil. A big cooler was open and they were passing beer and soda around in a circle. Right out in the middle of parking level B, Section 2. I say… it's ghetto-fab.

  • Sitting in first class on a flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles (okay, we're already up to bouge). I'm seated next to a drop dead gorgeous dark-skinned sister who is dressed to the nines. She has diamonds winking and blinking from everywhere possible to place one. But she cannot seem to get comfortable. She pulls out her baby pink Pashmina and wraps herself in it, she pulls out an apple-scented neck-roll and rests her head on it. She puts on her noise-canceling headphones and begins to sip her Evian. Finally, she turns to me and says, "Do you mind if we switch seats? The way the light hits my jewelry over here is giving me a headache!" I blinked rapidly and say, "Uh, sure." I say… überBouge (maybe a little trifling)?

  • Standing on a balcony of the W Hotel Dallas witnessing a fight between a male friend and his girlfriend. They are arguing; the man perceived that the woman had been too friendly with an unknown fella inside the club. The disagreement escalates as he says, "You cannot just shake your a** the way you used to before you met me." Awkward silence. She then explodes in a torrent of epithets ending with, "You don't own me, you #*%! As a matter of fact, you can take back everything you ever bought for me!" She proceeds to fling her earrings and purse over the rail. Then she reaches under her dress, yanks off her panties and flings those over the rail too with these final words, "Now I can go back to shaking it anyway I like!" I say two things… restraining order and… just plain ghetto.

  • A woman I know was trying to throw together something to eat on a Friday night. Too lazy to go out for new ingredients, she decides to cook using whatever she could find in the fridge and freezer. Her tossed together meal turned out to be Veal Parmesan, Pasta Primavera using squash, zucchini and fire-roasted tomatoes on top of Whole Wheat Rotini, spinach and field green salad with garlic olive toast. Forty minutes from start to finish with a glass of red wine on the side. Now that's bouge.

Would you score them the same? Would you score them the same if I told you that the bowling shoe girl is BougieSis and Veal Parmesan girl was me? J