Grown Folks’ Romance (with a Hat Tip to Grey's Anatomy)

For those of you who don't watch Grey's Anatomy, just skip down a few paragraphs where I actually get to the point.

I used to love Grey's Anatomy. Love, love, love. When that show first came on, I felt like I had discovered TV nirvana. African-American female as Producer and writer, diverse cast, smart storylines and brilliant time slot; it was my must-see TV. The beauty of the sow was that they used the medicine as metaphors for the life dramas. This caused you to care about the stories as well as the medical crises and stay invested for the whole show. The dialogue was fast-paced and witty. The outcomes were never predictable. It was just a really well-done show… at first.

Sometime after Season 2 though, things started to take a turn for me. Izzie's character went from mildly annoying to "why can't they sedate her", the back and forth between Meredith and Derek was just annoying, Callie was underutilized and inexplicably paired with George. Preston's character lost its way and there was no understandable reason for him to be so in love with Christina. Addison was in the way, Alex fell for a pysch patient and Mark spent more time in bed than in surgery. Miranda's marriage fell apart, Callie decided she was gay and Dr. Preston Burke just disappeared. Then came a fake suicide, George/Izzie as a couple, Dead Denny re-incarnated… the whole damn show "jumped the shark".

This season started off slow. The Chef was ousted for drunk and disorderly, Mark had a daughter, Meredith had daddy issues and Christina was with some psycho dude that we are supposed to buy as sexy. And then they came back from the winter hiatus and it was as if a magic wand had been waved over the show. Gone were both George and Izzie, Meredith and Derek made sense and Christina was more worried about surgeries than anything else. As soon as they put the Chief back in his rightful place, all will be good in Seattle Grace World.

Finally, Miranda Bailey. Holding it down for the sisterhood at Seattle Grace hospital. While others lost their minds (and drawers) over interns and attending, she stayed true to the medicine. So true that her husband bailed and she had to power on alone. Enter Dr. Ben Warren, an anesthesiologist who from Day One respected Miranda but was not about to be talked down to. He brought the sizzle but he also brought the brains and the backbone. Last Thursday, we saw Miranda accept her third date with Ben. For some fool reason, she allowed herself to get whipped up into a frenzy abdout the third date being "the sex date" and the need for women to carry multiple comdoms and be waxed all to hell and back. And then she caught hold of herself. My favorite quote was when and Callie were referring to Ben visitng "her surgical field" (yes euphemism for vijayjay). Miranda says, "If he can't deal with a little nature, a little GOD, then he doesn't need to be visiting." See, Grown Folk Romance.

Later, she is at Ben's house and he is cooking dinner. Unsettled by nervous expectations, she launches into a lecture. He stops her dead. I won't paraphrase, I've embedded the scene below. Oh, I started with Mark actually trying to have a Grown Folk Romance himself. Take a look:

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I fell off my chair. THAT is how you handle a strong woman used to having to run things her damn self. Step her back, politely as you cook her dinner and pour more wine. I would like more television like this. Please and thank you. While you're at it, can you clone Jason George (dude who plays Ben) and send him my direction?

What did you think? Like or dislike? Are there any other examples of Grown Folks Romance on the television these days?