Blowing Kisses for the Boys (girls too!)

A thousand kisses to everyone who participated in this week's Question for the Fellas week. The response was outstanding and overwhelming. In case I thought it was just a bit of relationship chatter, this letter told me something different:

Dear OneChele,
I sat on the sidelines of your Question for the Fellas week with my breath held. You see, I was planning to just give up on the fellas. Not a break, not a time out, just give up. Where ever that special one that is meant for me is, I assumed that he was detoured along the way. I've been planning what the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years of life will look like and feel like single. And I've tried to be okay with it.

You see I've had terrible, terrible (like put me in the hospital terrible) experiences with men. I get that a lot of this is my bad for choosing the damn wrong ones. I definitely never had the positive role models or examples to pull from. I had pretty much decided that there just weren't any right ones out there, at least not for me. Reading your blog this week really changed my perspective.

If there are intelligent grown men willing to share their thoughts and feelings HERE in Bougietown, there must be some out there for me. Your week's worth of insights have made me cautiously optimistic. I definitely need to do some more work on me first but at least now when I pass a man on the street, I'll smile thinking - maybe he's like the BnB guys. And if he's not, maybe the next one or the next one. For the most part, the guys that comment on your blog are smart, employed, respectful or woman and don't take themselves too seriously.

I also LOVE how your smart female readers get in there and challenge the fellas without talking down. It's a whole new way to talk back and forth that I haven't been exposed to much in the past. High five for ladies for sharing and checking the boys that needed it in a good way.

So thank you and please keep doing what you do.

Tracey C. in the ATL

Well, I'm a little humbled by that but also doing the happy dance. So thanks everybody! Have a great weekend.