I might… then again I might not

Hello BougieLand. Crunch-time has come for your girl. I have got to wrap up Book 2, come up with a title and finish my short story like… today. Literally, my deadline was February 1st but I pleaded for more time. My publisher gave it to me but reminded me that when they get no product, I get no check… that's just no bueno. So much as I love dropping daily posts and the lively discourse that follows… I can't promise that I'll post this week. But I might. So just keep checking, it could happen! In the meantime, how about a few favorites of mine that you may not have read? Here you go:

What I would have said if I was Sonia Sotomayor at her confirmation hearings

An installment of the always interesting: Ask a Bougie Chick

One (of many) of my bad date BougieTales this one involving Dr. Seuss

A few things never to ask black folks (especially bougie black folks)

And what happens when Good Bouge goes Bad?

Hope you find something to enjoy and I'll be back soon!