A few things I love …

Next week is Love & Relationship Week on BnB… I'm going in again. I'll also be premiering the Black 'n Bougie Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. More to come on that. Revving up for all the love (and needing a break from the blaxporation of the past few weeks), let's pause for the cause and talk about a few things that I adore:

  1. Springtime: Winter goes buh-bye and the 100° days have not yet appeared. Everything is fresh, shiny and new. I know people love winter, the holidays are there and it's great cuddle time… winter is when my birthday happens and I hope to hit a beach at some point. Winter is when the SuperBowl is played. That is all. I know people love, love, love the snow. They think it's pretty and white. You know what else is pretty and white? Beaches. In the Caribbean. Those are pretty and white. And warm. Point made. I also am a bit of a gardener so Spring signals the start of gardening season as well. Easter dresses and the first barbeque of the season. Yes, I love Spring.

  2. Romance: I'm a sucker for flowers, candy, candlelight and soft jazzy music. Show me a happily-ever-after tale and I tear up. Take me for a walk in the moonlight and I'm happy. Pour me champagne, slow dance me around the room while singing in my ear… yep – that works. In so many ways, I'm that practical 'lead with my head' girl but underneath it all that chick who grew up on Harlequin novels and old MGM classics is skipping along making daisy chains for her hair. God bless her, she's a resilient thing.

  3. Intelligence: I remember thinking that I really hate ignorance but it's because I love intelligence so very much. Few things impress me as much as someone who has a brilliant thought and a smart, classy way to say it. Someone who can converse on a variety of topics and says things with meaning and purpose (not just to hear themselves talk) is a joy. People who think, write, talk and act with purpose and passion? I'm a fan. Creativity without callousness, informing without inflaming… I really enjoy people who can find the smartest way to live honorably. But I go on…

  4. Chocolate-covered toffee: It's my kryptonite. I only allow myself to have it once a year otherwise I'd be an extremely happy, pimply 300-lb woman. Chocolate-covered toffee is chock full of all the best things in the world. Chocolate, butter, sugar, maybe an almond or two. What's not to love? I recall being very angry at an ex-SO and the next day he FedEx'd a 5 lb. box of toffee to me. I honestly cannot remember what I was mad at him about. I told ya'll… kryptonite!

  5. Stuff that comes in purple: Let me quote from the movie ~ I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it~ I so agree. I have no idea what it is about the color purple that I love so. I've been told it's because it's a jewel tone and I wear those well. I've been teased it's because I think I'm royalty. [you mean I'm not?!] It's said that Prince influenced me in my youth. Hmm. Well let me quote a Whitney Houston song, "I don't know why I like it… I just do." So much so that things that I may not otherwise like become interesting if they are available in purple. Shoes, sunglasses, skillets, sheets – I literally have to resist the urge to turn my entire house shades of eggplant and amethyst. Tempting though.

These are just a few of my random loves. Fellas - do not send me purple roses dipped in toffee, taped to a dictionary with a Sade CD... I already see your game. LOL!

We all have things we love just because we do... Have any you care to share?