Movie Week: Good Date/Bad Date

Welcome back to Movie Week on BnB. Today, let's talk about movies that are great for dates and others that may not be the best idea. Kind of like games: Pictionary = good, Scruples = bad. Why borrow trouble?

Sorry fellas, but usually a good date movie (especially early in the relationship) is going to mean a chick flick unless there's a blockbuster action film you can both agree upon. Conversely, a bad date movie is one that invites conversation you don't necessarily want to have. Let's review:

Good date movie: When Harry Met Sally – Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is a film so pleasant and unthreatening that the worst thing you could argue about is whether orgasms should be faked or not. And I think we all know how to quiet that discussion.

Bad date movie: Fatal Attraction – Glenn Close scared an entire generation of men when she went completely left on Michael Douglas. The term "bunny burning psycho b*tch" did not exist prior to this thriller. Is this really the vibe you want on date night? I think not.

Good date movie: Moonstruck – very cool cute movie starring Cher and Nicholas Cage about finding love where you least expect it. But if the guy really, really hates chick flicks, this one is inapologetically romantic and schmaltzy.

Bad date movie: Indecent Proposal – Robert Redford completely jacks up Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson's good thing but tossing money into the mix. Unless you both are prepared to answer the question starting with, "Would you really…" it's probably best to save this one until you really, really know the person.

Good date movie: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner – A true classic starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, and Mr. Sidney Poitier himself as the black man who is sho 'nuff coming to dinner. A little politics, a little romance and a hilarious supporting role by Isabel Sanford (best known as Weezy from the Jeffersons), what's not to like about this movie?

Bad date movie: Sleeping With the Enemy – Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin in a cat-n-mouse movie about a woman hiding from her abuser. Unless you want to give each other the "who are you really" side-eye for the evening, I'd skip it.

In generalities, I always advise against a horror movie unless you are positive both of you appreciate them. I love a good mafia movie but just random psycho-violence disturbs me. I walked out of a date who chose Natural Born Killers for date night. He apologized and we ended catching whatever the latest John Grisham film was. I also always advise some balance. If you see Transporter 17 one date, try Hitch Returns the next (yes these titles are made up). Ladies, dragging your man to see Bride Wars, 27 Dresses and My Best Friend's Wedding may get you a side-eye and an invitation to get to stepping.

So it's to you BougieLand, what's a great date movie? Or one that's best left for boys/girls night in? The floor is yours…