Lessons Learned from PsychoMike and others like him

Some of the BougieTales from the ExFiles have been humorous, some crazy, some sad, some just plain fun. What they have all be for me, are lessons learned. Each experience shaped me into who I am today, for better or for worse. So when asked if I would have skipped any of the experiences, I say, "Probably not." Many of you (so very many) have asked how the PsychoMike Experience affected me and my approach to relationships. Here's a brief list of what I changed after knowing PsychoMike:

  1. I became determined to get my own sh!t. I was borderline obsessed about being successful in my own right so I would not be dazzled by someone else's accomplishments
  2. I stopped believing that everyone had my best interests at heart
  3. I realized that when it comes to men, sometimes your girlfriends are not your go-to people for advice.
  4. I tend to live in the reality of now instead of the fairy tale of what's next
  5. I go HR Recruiter on folks, I will background check a brother in a heartbeat if I think it's warranted
  6. I listen a little more intently for hidden meanings in a person's words and actions
  7. Being Mrs. Somebody became less important than owning Ms. Michele
  8. I never date anyone who has shown the slightest interest in a friend of mine (and will walk away with the swiftness if I think they do)
  9. I remain a romantic at heart (Lord knows how that's possible!)
  10. I always have a way home, a charged cell phone and my own round-trip ticket J

What's the best lesson you ever learned from your worst relationship?