It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to…

Go Chele, it's your birthday. We're going to party like it's your birthday.

Hey all, before I make this day all about me, me, me – check out my Call to Service post from Friday. Get out there and give back. Okay then… moving on.

So back to me, today is the anniversary of my late night arrival into the world, fists balled up, kicking and screaming. (I no longer kick and scream in public but much else remains the same). So far folks have sent me books (love 'em), gift certificate (always classy) and cash (gift that keeps on giving). My ex sent me some chocolate suede boots that feel like butter. I saw no strings attached. I went to BougieMom and asked if I should keep them or send them back. BougieMom said, "He was dumb enough to send them, you're smart enough to keep them." Done. I guilted Sprint into upgrading my BlackBerry into the new purple Curve for free (SCORE!) and BougieOlderSis scooped me up some leather goods while she was in China.

But the best gift was from BougieYoungerBro who found photo albums that have been missing for years. It really was like being giving my childhood back. I got unreasonably sentimental looking back (wayback) at life in BougieHousehold. Really, before he found these, we thought all of our baby pics were lost forever. In addition to the gems above , I found this revelation:

BougieMom and Dad with former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller. BougieDad had political aspirations at one time and was a registered Republican until they ticked him off in the late 60s and he switched affiliations. But sometimes we need a reminder of just how fly our parents were before we came along and beat them down with our foolishness J. BougieDad was G'ed up and BougieMom's hair was laid, wasn't it?

At any rate, later on, I'm heading out to see Book of Eli… expect a Bougie Movie Review to follow. Have a great day! Seen any childhood pictures of yourself recently? What did you learn?