I know it’s Christmas when…

It's Christmas, ya'll. And (serious side-eye to Mother Nature) it's complete with snow (in Dallas!?). Be that as it may, it's Family Holiday Time and I've already beaten the hell out of BougieFam in Wii Bowling and Scrabble. We're about to kick off some movie trivia.

Last night we had a little 90's music dance party and yes, pear martinis at 1:00 a.m. seemed like a great idea at the time. Really you haven't lived until you see BougieMom head bopping to Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do it. The roast is done, presents open and football on tap for later on… all is bright. Every year around this time, I can always count a few things happening. In the spirit of sharing, here's a list for your reading pleasure:

I know it's Christmas when…

  • The West Indian traditional black cake arrives. For those of you not in the know, black cake is fruit cake to the next power. It is made with carmelized sugar and doused with rum. To keep its moistness, the cake is re-doused with rum (usually 151 proof Demerara Rums from the islands) on a regular basis. There comes a point and time in the festivities when we can tell who has been hitting the black cake a little too hard.
  • The phone starts ringing at an ungodly hour. For some reason, BougieExtendedFam and Friends find it necessary to start with the Christmas salutations right around crack of dawnish. I don't care how Christmas-y you are – 7:00 a.m is too early to call with your Yuletide greetings.
  • I find myself walking around with candy canes attached to my person somehow.
  • There are little people running around calling me Auntie and blinking with the big eyes for cookies.
  • The Jackson 5 sing "Merry Christmas to You" (still can't believe Mike is gone!)
  • White Christmas and A Christmas Story are on marathon-style on TBS, TMC or some Turner-owned station.
  • I can't find any scotch tape anywhere in the house
  • Relatives I have forgotten for 11 ½ months call to say "What's been up?"
  • The UPS man calls me by name
  • The freakin' Lakers are on primetime television
  • At least one potential S.O. and a girlfriend I never speak to send me the obligatory "Merry Christmas" text

Ah, the holidays… good times, good times. From BougieFam to yours, a very Merry Christmas to all. And please be of good cheer, remember the reason for the Season!

Feel free to chime in… you know it's Christmas when…