A funny thing happened on my way to the keyboard

Actually, not so funny. I woke up Sunday morning feeling as though someone had slapped me repeatedly, dipped me in icewater, sewed my nose shut and put sandpaper where my throat used to be. We are not amused. In typical OneChele fashion, I decided to hop up and power on. On my way from the bedroom to the office, I felt compelled to lay down on the sofa and rest. Yes, resting after 10 steps is a sign. Long story short, the bouge is at half-mast ya'll. Some sort of cold/flu/crud snatched me and wrestled me down.

I grabbed Nyquil and Theraflu (don't judge me) and crawled under the covers with my laptop. I made it through about three tweets before the letters started doing the conga across the screen. My newly-engaged friend, @TiffanyinHouston politely told me to lay my bougie behind down. And so I did. Missed my own radio show, missed a friend's baby shower, missed football all day. All of this to say... no humor-filled holiday post today. My pleasing personality starts to slip when I'm unwell. So no need to inflict testy OneChele on BougieLand. But feel free to send me your get well wishes in the comments section. Hope to be back soon. Happy Holidays!