Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary: 6 months of BnB, a giveaway and what's up next

Cue up the Tony! Toni! Toné! Today marks the official six month anniversary of Black 'n Bougie… Woo-Hoo!

Time flies when you're having fun, or ranting, or sharing bad dates or calling bullshiggity. 236 posts, over 9000 comments, 17 Bougie Cocktail Moments, countless side-eyes and 2 Relationship Weeks. I was recently asked which post has been my favorite... hmm - I don't have a favorite but a definite soft spot for the Defending Our Blackness post. It was the first post I did that truly reflected what I wanted the blog to be about.

When I started the blog, I needed a place to put a few writing samples so I could talk magazine and webzine editors into buying my work. Somewhere along the way, it turned into something else altogether. Black 'n Bougie became my own little personal therapy session, sounding board and stand-up mic. And lo and behold, folks started joining in. Ya'lls comments are the best part of my day… yes, even the crazy ones. I must admit to enjoying every single day in BougieLand. And really, we've only just begun. There's SO much more to say.

So what's next, you may wonder? Well, this week I'll no doubt share a Holiday BougieTale or two but next week I'm off to Jamaica. Yes, it's time for the BougieVacay. I might post from the pool but only to make ya'll hate a little bit J. When I return, it will be New Year's Eve and I definitely have things to say about that. And January 1st, my lovely little book will be in stores. January 3rd is the next Freedom through Speech Radio show, come on through and take a listen. I had such great reactions to Music Week, Trying Not to Hate Week and I Love Black Men Week that surely another theme week is right around the corner. What might it be? I have a few ideas but I'm always open to suggestions.

So yes, BougieLand – we are six months into the good times here, I look forward to many, many more. And just for something fun, how about a giveaway? The next five people to register on Michele Grant's "Talk to Me" page and mention BnB will receive a gift including a signed copy of my book and some love from Amazon and iTunes. Get on over there and say hi. Again, thanks for coming along for the ride, glad to have you. Come again and bring a bougie friend.

Thoughts? Questions? Comment as you will…