Claiming it in 2010 – The Sisterhood Rises Again

Fellas, bear with me for a few paragraphs. I have words for you below. But for right now, I need to chit and chat with my girls.

Ladies, it's about that time. End of the year, cleaning out the closet, make a plan for the year ahead time. I don't know about you but I don't feel that 2009 was a great year for the collective sisterhood. We have been talked about, passed over, talked down, led astray, hoodwinked and bamboozled. And I mean that for all flavor of women – from vanilla to double chocolate fudge and everything in the middle. Don't know how much of the drama was of our own making but damn if 2009 wasn't dramatic as hell. Well girlfriends, no more. It's our time. Now or never, let's rise up in 2010. [Can someone cue up "I'm Every Woman" and put it on repeat? Either Chaka or Whitney's version, we don't mind]

Here's what I wish for all my sisters in 2010:

  • Get anchored/ Get healthy!

    • Emotionally – this is the year we own up to whatever dysfunction we harbor and get rid of it. This is the year we control our moods instead letting our moods control us. (Are you still with me?) This is the year where if we need to seek help to beat back depression or obsession or compulsion (any of the –sions), we do it. Without shame.
    • Physically – this is the year we feel as good as we can for as long as we can as often as we can. (minds out of gutter, I'm talking about overall health not just the "chex" mix) If that means we need to work on getting in shape, cut back on French fries or just get to the point where you can run up the stairs without passing out – let's get it pushing. Get tested, stay protected and get your Well Woman on. Vitamins, water, veggies and sleep. Think about committing to as many of those as possible.
    • Financially – can this be the year we do more than wring our hands about our debt-to-income ratio? Even if all you do if cut back from 4 visits to Starbucks to 3, make it happen and start thinking about your money as long-time life partner not a sometimey coming-n-going stranger.
    • Spiritually – get right with whatever/whoever you worship. Believe in a higher power than Louboutin shoes and Facebook.

  • No more trifling men (no offense fellas, not referring to any of ya'll here)

    • Let's own it (I'll go first). We already know what trifling looks like – we have that locked in our minds. How 'bout something fresh in 2010? No more men who are not all about you, down for you, defending you and loving you for you. Selfish pretty boys? We off that. Let this be the year you are appreciated as a force of nature by a man you like (or the other l- word), respect and believe in.
    • 2010 could be the year you just say no until a man brings more to the party than a cold six pack and a chiseled six pack. This is the year you say yes knowing you won't regret it in the morning.
    • And while I certainly do not advocate waving your ring finger around in a grown man's face, if you've been stuck in that pre-marital waiting room with the dame dude for more than a minute, let 2010 be the year you tell old boy to ring on it!

  • Take Control of your own destiny

    • Yeah the economy sucks and will continue to suck for a while. But if there's an opportunity to upgrade your career path – take it.
    • What? You say you have no career path? Make one up. Set goals, attach timelimes and take the first step.
    • Want to finish your education? Add to it? Switch it up and do something else altogether? Make a plan to see if it's possible and make that move.
    • That which isn't working in your life, find a way to surgically remove it and discard from your world. And don't look back.

  • Stop listening to negativity (or doling it out)

    • The next time some starts a sentence with "All men/women…" or "All black men/women…" cut them off and walk away. We are turning a deaf ear to negative stereotypical generalizations in 2010.
    • Someone in your life makes you feel like crap, cut them (unless you work for them and then see above). Surround yourself with people who care about YOU more than what you can do for them.
    • Stop snarking your fellow sisters to death, karma is a bitch (in bright red stilettos). Every time you cut someone, that's coming back to you. Break the circle. Okay yes, buck-toothed, bad-weave-wearing sisters rocking a "Don't be Jelly" T-shirt that's two sizes too small stuffed into skinny jeans with a muffin top and thong showing… they need to be dealt with. It's 2010 after all. We can agree on this. But can we pull them over the side and have a chat. You don't have to put every wayward-acting female on blast.
    • Don't get sucked into bullshiggitty situations. You can smell them from a mile away. Someone is always looking to throw their bag of hot mess into someone else's lap. Bob, weave and get out of the ring ladies, seriously. Life is too short.
    • Do remember that you are the shit. No matter what anyone (including 80% of the blogosphere) tells you. There is something about you that makes you priceless. Eff 'em if they can't see it. Head up, shoulders back, get your strut on in 2010.

  • Go out there and make it happen: Okay! Now that we are feeling good, looking good, trifling-man free, in control and chock-full of positivity – get on out there and make it do what it do. Yes, realistically, the chances of all of this stuff coming together all at once are slim to none… so what. Get out there and make an effort. With a smile on your face. And Black 'n Bougie in your pocket (yes, we are now optimized for mobile phones – HA!).

Seriously, 2010 is our take no prisoners year. The year without fear. We're gonna try and try again. Fake it until we make it. Who's with me? And fellas, lest you think I've forgotten about you. Next week is all about you. Oh yes it is. Guest bloggers and all. So I ask my ladies and my fellas… what would you like to see happen in 2010? (The first person to answer world peace gets talked about). Comment as you will…