Bougie TV Watch: Sherri

Okay, I meant to blog about this weeks ago but you know how time slips away. Sherri Shepherd (of The View) has quite an entertaining show on Lifetime. Here is a sitcom with a predominantly black cast, fresh writing and episodes you can watch with both BougieMom and BougieBabyNephew in the room… rare. The plotlines are not the most original but are written with a freshness that is fine for a 30-minute show. Chock full of sitcom veterans such as Malcolm Jamal Warner (who looks good), Tammy Townsend, Michael Boatman and James Avery; there are actually laugh-out-loud funny moments… and I can't think of the last time I said that about a sitcom.

From Lifetime, a summary and a few clips:

Actress, comedian and cohost of ABC's "The View," Sherri Shepherd ("30 Rock," "Less Than Perfect") leaps from daytime to prime time to headline her own all-new, multi-camera comedy series, "Sherri." "Sherri" centers around a newly single mom, paralegal and part-time comedian/actress who tries to get back into the dating scene and move on with her life after divorcing her cheating husband. Sherri finds solace and support among her girlfriends at the office while juggling her hectic life.

The season finale aired tonight and it was quite enjoyable. As most of you know, I'm a fan of smart writing, add in dead on comedic timing and I'm all on. Is there another show on starring an African-American professional woman? Um, no. It's got my vote. Full episodes are online, check them out. I hope the show gets renewed for another season. If you've seen it, tell me what you think. Did you love it, hate, could live without it?