Blogs Her Color – Today’s Color of Choice is… ME!

For any first time visitors: Welcome to BougieLand. Yes, BougieLand. That is the fictional world you have entered upon visiting my blog, Black 'n Bougie. I came up with the title to take ownership of my personal bougenificence (yes, we make up words here), claiming the word "Bougie" as a good thing and nothing to apologize for. Blogs her Color is a gathering for and about women of color who blog. Their goal is to support one another and provide insight to help all become better bloggers. Blogs Her Color is more than just a directory of women of color's blogs. They we encourage sharing, commenting, and the overall uplifting of the female blogging community. Take a second to pop over there and check it out. The good folks at BlogsHerColor were gracious enough to select my blog as the Color of Choice today.

So who is OneChele? Well, I'll let you know when I have it all figured out. Here are some basics… I'm a single black female writer living in Dallas, Texas. My first novel will be in stores in January. I write, I tweet, I rant, I blog. I write about any and everything. We only have one blog rule: No haterade allowed. We also reserve the right to give someone a serious side-eye, call bullshiggitty as we see it, or raise a cocktail to celebrate a special moment. So again, for any newbies I say welcome and please feel free to comment as you will. For my regulars, you already know it's all love. In case anyone wants a crash course in bouge, I humbly recommend the following articles:

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Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting the Black 'n Bougie!