Worst. Date. Ever. It’s your turn to share

By now, you all have heard enough of my bad date BougieTales to write your own blogs. And what's truly amazing is that I have not even shared my "worst date ever" story yet. No, we have not hit rock bottom yet. That experience involved a trip to Hawaii and a gentleman (using term loosely) that me and my friends unabashedly refer to as PsychoMike. Even though it was a four day excursion into the bowels of hell, I feel fine referring to the entire incident as one bad date.

Ironically, my "best date ever" story involves a trip to Hawaii and a completely different guy. Don't. Judge. Me. I happen to love Hawaii. Again, another four day journey. But on this trip the word paradise was more of a state of mind than a location and I literally boo-hooed when I had to get on the plane and go home. Ah memories. But both of these experiences are for another post and another day. Maybe the next Relationship Week?

At any rate, it's time for me to turn the microphone (keyboard) over to you. Today is your turn, dear readers. Answer one or all, but tell us something!

  1. Briefly, what was your worst date ever? Why?
  2. Did the relationship survive the bad date?
  3. In hindsight, is there anything you could have done to avoid the experience (or make it less horrible)?

As I always, thanks for dropping by… you are appreciated.