Trying not to hate on… Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Why is everybody so mad at Bey and Jay? Why ya'll hatin'? Every time one or the two gets mentioned, folks have a whole lot of yackity-yack. Sure her hair lives it's own life, she has developed an irrational fear of pants and he resembles Joe Camel but is that any reason for the amount of bile and anger directed at these two? Sure, they are little over-cautious and super-secretive on that whole "we're married and we live together" thing but can you blame them? They do not want any additional scrutiny then they already get.

Let's be clear about something, they make pop music. That means popular. Neither of them promised to save the world through music, re-invigorate R&B or bring Hip-Hop back to the real. They call themselves entertainers and let's face it… they really are. Whether you agree with Beyoncé's singing style or the freshness of Jay's rhymes, you cannot deny that they put on a good show. Come on now, check out this video and tell me it's not at least a little fun (damn tune is catchy as hell), '03 Bonnie & Clyde:

People tend to have a "love-her-or-hate-her" relationship with Ms. Knowles-Carter, I tend to flip-flop. I love the hustle but lately her songs have kind of left me lukewarm. This was the last song of hers that I actually really enjoyed (like pissed off how many men by blaring it in the car enjoyed), Irreplaceable:

Mr. Sean J. Carter tends to get mixed reactions as well. Some hip-hop purists feel like he sold out, some younger rap fans feel he's past his prime but I just think he makes decent tunes (for the most part) that I can rap along to without looking up every other word in the Urban Dictionary. I know people who hated this song with a passion but I found it quite infectious, Show Me What Ya Got:

Let's just be honest with ourselves, folks are hating on Mr. and Mrs. Carter because they live far better lives than most of us can dream of… and I dream pretty big. We wear clothes, they own clothing lines. We listen to records, they own record labels. We enjoy scents, they are creating custom colognes and perfumes with their names on them. We sit by a pool, they are cruising St. Tropez on Tiger Woods' yacht. We talk about the White House, they get invited in. Okay? Be happy black people got it like that in 2009 and quit hating. Unless you want to hate on Jada and Will, I could rustle up some arguments for that one.

Do you love or hate the Carters? Why? Is there another celebrity you love to hate? Do explain.