Those were the days: A few old things I wish were new again

I'm officially old just for writing this post. But I have to admit that some things are jumping up and down on my last good nerve. Yes, I have to say – what's wrong with folks today? I hate to say, "Whatever happened to…?" But I will. So here's my nostalgic longing for a few things from days gone by:

  1. Manners- What happened to please, hello, thank you, good morning and you're welcome? I'm sorry but, "What up, yo!" is not an acceptable greeting. This is because you young folks today have been spoiled with the Caller ID and whatnot. Back in my day, you had to take your chances with whoever was on the other end of the line. HA! Seriously though, when did it become okay to just be rude? This woman walked into the grocery store the other day and was just rude. Instead of asking, "Can someone help me with this?" She snapped, "Isn't it your job to get this for me?"

  2. Love Songs – All right, I know every era has its fair share of "freak em" tunes but where is the love? Where is the love, ya'll? Baby by Me, I Invented Sex, Papers, Throw it in the Bag: these are all on the Billboard Hot R&B 100 today. That ain't love… that ain't L.O.V.E.

  3. PG-13 speak in public – Maybe this should fall into the manners bucket but since when did it become okay for people to talk all rated R and X in public (on Twitter)? Since when was it okay to drop F-bombs when grandma is around? I'm telling you, I was at bath and spa shop the other day and these young 'uns came in just loud and unruly. Just MF'ing all over the place. This older woman was in the store trying to get her rejuvenating chamomile body scrub on and had her ears assaulted for five minutes straight. I gave the store clerk a stern side-eye coupled with pursed lips and she finally asked them to watch their language. Did anyone have to TELL YOU that when you were growing up?

  4. Customer Service – Is dead. Period. IF you actually get a human being to talk to you on the phone they could give less than a damn what your problem is. And they are clueless to help you solve it. I actually had to stop calling Sprint. Last time I got one of their reps, I was so frustrated that tears sprang to my eyes and I had to go all zen (count backwards from 100, take deep soothing breaths, picture yourself on a beach with a naked Brazilian named Pablo ß I might have added that part). Anyway, now I go to their online chat sessions for help. Walking into a store and asking for help is no better. I had to chase a blue shirt down in Best Buy the other after four walked past me. My bad for wearing my cloak of invisibility that day.

  5. Men who throw a punch – Don't get mad, fellas. I'm just saying that a few of your brethren have gone so emo and metro that they will run from a perceived fight faster than a timid salad-eating chick. My girl, True2Me wrote a great post about this a few days back. There seems to be a small epidemic of bitchassness run amuck among some menfolk who no longer feel it is their job to stand up for women. Yes, yes – we love your evolved side but at the core of the matter: We Jane, You Tarzan. Go get him and stop worrying about soiling your pretty outfit.

  6. Basic Grammar – I know text and tweet language has taken over but come on, people! A guy sent me a message on twitter last night but spelled honest with a U and 2 Ns (no H at all). He spelled Jesus with a Z and two Es (no U at all). Seriously? I mean, seriously? I don't expect you to write like Shakespeare but spellcheck is universal. I will take basic grammar of noun verb subject (I like you) over text lingo (Grl, U R rly gr8) anyday!

  7. Well Behaved Kids – When did we stop whipping kids' asses? This is why they are way outta hand right now. These freaking monsters have cell phones with Child Protective Services on speed dial from age 5. I grew up with a healthy dose of fear. I only spoke when I was spoken to, I didn't talk back and I stayed outta grown folks' business. 'Yessir', 'no ma'am' were a regular part of my vocabulary. We sat quietly in restaurants; we did not run wild like untrained hooligans with no home training. Speaking of which: I had home training. Before we left the house, BougieParents would line us up for inspection and say (in a no nonsense tone), "Do NOT embarrass us out there, we will not put up with any nonsense." BougieDad would just rest his hand near his belt and we knew what it meant. Whatever happened to that?

Okay, mini-rant over. Is it just me? Am I becoming one of those crotchety people complaining about kids? Do share any comments, agree or disagree? Anything else from "the old school" you wish would come on back?