Raise your Turkey Trot cocktail up: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy your time with friends and family or if you are celebrating alone, I'm thankful you took a moment to stop by Black 'n Bougie.

This year I'm thankful for my health, my sense of humor, my friends, family, football, and my creative mind. I'm thankful that in about thirty days, a lifelong dream will be realized with the release of my first book. I'm thankful for every person who takes a moment once a day, once a week, once a month or even once in a lifetime to read my ramblings. I'm even more grateful for those that ramble back at me. J

One of my most vivid Thanksgiving memories happened in the early 90s. BougieDad had prepared the majority of the meal and we were starving. The Cowboys were playing Miami and we needed this win to get a step closer to going to the SuperBowl in back-to-back years. It was a frigid day. We had a fire going and it was snowing in November for the first time in years. We were waiting to eat until the game was over. If anyone has ever seen footage of the infamous "Leon Lett Snow Ball" game, you know what happened. Basically because of a bonehead move by Mr. Lett, Miami won in the last few seconds of the game. We sat there like someone had just deflated the balloons at our birthday party. We shuffled to the table and sat there looking more glazed over than the duck when Dad started laughing. "Look at how I've raised you kids, the Cowboys lose and you've lost your appetites. Come on now, those boys didn't pay for any of this meal or put a roof over our head this year. We have a lot to be thankful for." We laughed and snapped out of it and went on to enjoy the day. Lessons learned.

So take a moment and be grateful for the gift of life, the pursuit of happiness and all that good stuff. You are appreciated.

How to make a Turkey Trot:

1 part bourbon

2 parts 7-Up

2 parts cranberry juice

Mix everything in a highball glass and drink on the rocks.

What are you thankful for this year? Do you have a Thanksgiving memory to share?