My First Book Review (apparently I rock)

Monday morning dawned bright and early with emails from my publisher and agent: my little book, Heard It All Before, was reviewed by Publishers Weekly and they liked it. The book was picked up for sale by Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble to name a few… allow me to take a moment to say, "WOO HOO!"

From Publishers Weekly:

Grant's scorching debut follows the pursuit of love and happiness for Dallas girls Jewellen Capwell and Renee Nightingale and their possibly very significant others, Roman Montgomery and Gregory Samson. Marriage appears to be the golden goal, but, of course, the path to their respective altars is strewn with obstacles. For Jewel, a North Dallas girl of some privilege, it's her ex-boyfriend and Roman's preference to live in Big D's South Oak Cliff "hood" close to his clingy ex-wife and his son. Renee and Greg's Achilles heels are their roving eyes, leading to big trouble when each finds someone else to pique their amorous interest. Grant depicts their dilemmas with a pitch-perfect voice, delivering funny yet believable stories embellished with a gusto that readers who enjoy Carl Weber and Mary Monroe will relish.

So if you haven't taken a moment to visit Michele Grant's World to register for news and updates, check it out! And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…