Hustle Day (again) on BnB – Support the Bouge!

Hey BougieLand, it's OneChele hustle for dollars day. Did you know that if you click any ad on this page, I earn pennies? If you buy something from any stores in our affiliate group, I earn a few more. If you shop from the OneChele Amazon Store, ca-ching!

And don't forget about the Black 'n Bougie Store. There is a panel down on the right sidebar. Come on, you KNOW you want a T-shirt that says "I call Bullshiggity!" A coffee mug that states "Don't bother me, I'm busy being bougie!" Of course you do. Well, now they can be yours. Also, if you have a bougie saying you'd like to see on an item, let me know and I'll try and make it happen. Cool thing about the store is that any of the designs can be put on any of the products.

If none of this inspires you, we're always happy for you to hit up the "Bouge isn't free" tip cup on the side of the page. Still not inspired? Well, check in next week to see what's on my mind. As always, I appreciate your patronage of the Black and the Bouge. Ya'll come back now... and bring a friend.