Hashtag Wednesday – #DonchaHateItWhen

For those of you not versed in Twitter (stay away, it's getting ugly), people tend to accentuate their chatter by adding a topic or a phrase to the end. You tie the topics together by placing a "#" (called a hashtag) in front of it. For instance, if I sent a tweet that said "Sarah Palin is an opportunistic idiot", I could add #IHateSayPay somewhere in the tweet. If enough people typed #IHateSayPay into the Twitterverse, it would become a trending topic. Then people would do a search for #IHateSayPay and every tweet with this topic would display.

One epic trends was #HeyWhitePeople. Prompted by a blogpost that stated that Aftican-Americans were "infiltrating" Twitter and if others wanted to "study the culture" they should jump on "Twitter after dark" - it does goes a little cultural by 1:00am eastern. Anyway, as you can imagine, some folks took offense and decided to share "insights" through the use of the #HeyWhitePeople trend. Our boy Riley wrote: #HeyWhitePeople: I don't need reparations for slavery, I need reparations for the ish you did last week. Classic! Another trend from over the weekend was #CelebrityPerfumeNames where people suggested names celebrities should name their next line of perfume such as Apology by Kanye West, Rehab by Britney Spears, or Alaskan Musk by Sarah Palin. #Donttrytoholla keeps coming back, as in #Donttryandholla if your breath arrives before you do.

Well, now that you're familiar with the concept, we can all participate in the good times here in the blogosphere. I present to you the inaugural Hashtag Wednesday on BnB. We'll start with things that drive me crazy…. Doncha hate it when:

  1. #DonchaHateItWhen: people cannot spell simple words like "there" versus "their". I'll chalk up one for brain stumble. Two for fast typing. But the third time is a problem and the fourth is a habit. People that don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" drive me crazy also

  2. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone really wants you to like something (song, food, TV show) and even though you don't, they just keep trying to make you like it? (please stop playing Bruce Springsteen – I have tried and cannot do it)

  3. #DonchaHateItWhen: people make sweeping generalizations: "Black women always…" or "Why do all men..." Please quit that.

  4. # DonchaHateItWhen: women act like a man should pay their bills even though they only know what he looks like horizontally, naked and in the dark. Please stop the skanky.

  5. #DonchaHateItWhen: men act like they deserve sex because they bought you a dinner and a drink? Fellas please see horizontal chick above for all that.

  6. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone drives a brand new Escalade but lives in their mama's basement. Own something or live within your means.

  7. #DonchaHateItWhen: the person you're talking to won't let you get a word in? Pause, take a breath consider that I may have a response to your river of words

  8. # DonchaHateItWhen: men act like they don't hear you talking to them? [stern side-eye, I know you hear me!]

  9. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone gives you the silent treatment? Okay, I am guilty of this one

  10. #DonchaHateItWhen: someone spits when they talk. Do they not see the moisture flying?

Well, I feel fairly certain you have a thing or two to add to the list, and no you don't have to use the hashtag. Comment as you will…