Bougie TV Watch: Those Damn CSIs

Question – Is it at all possible that they put a vaporized form of crack into the CSI broadcasts? I swear those shows are more addictive than Krispy Kremes. I did not buy into the whole CSI phenomenon when they first rolled out. In fact, I blame Bougie Sis for this one. As we travelled around, hotels seem to always offer A&E as a standard in-house channel. She kept turning on CSI Miami re-runs. One day when it was raining outside, we were in the room and watched about four hours of CSI Miami back to back. That was all it took. Suddenly, I had to know how Horatio ended up married to Delko's sister. I set my DVR to record every episode of CSI Miami no matter what channel it came on. Now just as I was catching up on that, they threw me a curve: Crossover episode.

Yes, Miami criminals travel to New York and all of I sudden I'm sucked into another CSI spin-off. David Caruso's Horatio Caine and Gary Sinise's Mac Taylor have perfected the tight-lipped steely-eyed glare that cause many a perp to confess their sins. Fine, I'll keep up with Miami and New York but… what? They were killing off Gary Dourdan's character on CSI? Well I had to check that out. Then the addition of Laurence Fishbourne as Dr. Raymond Langston was something I felt compelled to watch.

Working from home during the day, your quality TV choices are limited. Let me say that there is some form of CSI playing on some channel almost every hour of the day. I finally got to the point where I had to cut back. No civilian needs that much forensic knowledge. When I caught myself pausing while cleaning the bathroom mirror to check out the ridge details on the fingerprints… enough was enough. I've scaled back to just CSI Miami.

The thing is… these are actually pretty well written shows. As you may know, my requirements for regularly watching a TV show are as follows: there has to be a person of color in the cast, I need to be able to watch without having the plot figured out before the first commercial break, and it has to entertain me in some way. Sounds easy enough but it's actually hard to find. Forensics overload aside, the CSIs fit my TV criteria. And even if was ready to walk away from them all, it would have to wait until after this week. Yes, they got me again: A three-city crossover trilogy tying together Miami, New York and Vegas in a case involving truckers and black market organ harvesting. Come on- who can resist?

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But after this, I quit. Really I do. Just one more week and I'm giving it all up. Next up on my TV rehab: learning to give up hope that Grey's Anatomy will ever be great again.

Any TV shows you just need to give up? Am I right about the addictive quality of the CSIs?