Bougie Sports Review - NFL Mid-season Observations

Well we are halfway through the NFL season and I have held off talking football for this long because I understand that not everyone loves sports talk like I do. However, I think it's time for a few quick observations. Here we go:

  • WTF Tom Cable? First all, your team (Oakland Raiders) is completely inconsistent. And it's stacked with young talent. I understand Al's elevator dosen't go all the way to the top but c'mon son. Is this the team that stunned the Eagles or stunk it up against the Jets? Hint: Your QB needs a mentor… badly. Some Qbs have pocket presence and inherent field vision, he does not and needs to be taught. As for you Mr. Cable, what up with the slapping of females? Please respond (swiftly):

  • VY Sighting! Oh it did my Texas heart good to see Vince Young stride out on that field yesterday and lay a smackdown on somebody. He threw, he ran, he juked, he LED. And not once did he say, "How ya like me now?" (Which I would have done, repeatedly) How he's matured emotionally is still yet to be determined but his football skill should never have been in doubt. As the sportscasters like to say – when you have a thoroughbred… let him run free. Can anyone say that Tennessee looked better at any time this season? Think on it... I'll wait.

  • Speaking of which – hello Philly? What is this bullshiggity role you have crafted for Mike Vick? What is the point of bringing him in on gadget plays or to throw one pass on third down? You are completely underutilizing him. Donovan is your number one guy, fine. Then let Vick stand over there and hold the clipboard, don't get us all excited that you are going to use his powers for good. This dude is only 29 ya'll, he has plenty of great NFL years ahead. 6'0", 215… Is that Oakland calling?

  • Dear Dallas Cowboys – please stop celebrating. You beat down SEATTLE yesterday. Yes you beat Atlanta but you needed OT to beat Kansas City, you squeaked by Tampa Bay, you let the Giants punk you in your own house and you still have not proven your ability to win a game in December and/or win a playoff game. I'm hitting ya'll with the laser beam side-eye until I see evidence of winter wonderland wins. Yeah Romo, I'm looking at you. Roy Williams, you getting a piece of the side-eye too.

It could be worse, I could be a Rams, Lions or Redskins fan. Any football observations to share?