Bougie News Round Up: Snipers, Katt-Burglars, Sosa and Lou

This week was chock full of interesting new stories. I'll take just a few minutes to review a few of the most popular items. Here's what's going on in the world this week…

The DC Sniper is put to death: Umm, buh-bye now. I know a lot of people wanted to turn this into a debate on the death penalty. I know some folks are mad that Charles Manson still lives and breathes and this guy is dead and gone. I couldn't summon up the passion for a spirited debate on this one. All I've got for John Allen Muhammad? Save the bunk next to you in Hell for that Anthony Sowell dude who buried 11 (as of right now) women in his house in Cleveland. Crazy bastards. Peace out.

Sammy Sosa WTF: Please do not come at us with a "skin rejuvenation" excuse. "Softening facial" my ass. I have had all manner of spa and facial peels, scrubs, lotions and treatments and I'm the same caramel-latte color I always was. What kind of new-fangled skin treatment also conks your hair and turns your eyes light green? Now he’s saying there was “a bit of a bleaching agent” in his skin softening cream. SaSo – you trying to tell us some moisturizer did that to every section of your face and neck? And no, I don't wanna hear any "MJ did it" nonsense. We knew Mike had issues (rest in peace, we love you!). This right here is some perverse self-hatred that I can't even wrap my mind around. I was never a big Sosa fan. To me he always seemed fake and eager to play the victim card. But young boys of color do look up to this dude, what does this tell them about accepting themselves as they are? "Color" me confused.

Katt Williams arrest: I REALLY don't understand this story. SO Katt was staying in someone's house as a guest outside of Atlanta but know he is accused of breaking and entering into the guest home with a crowbar. Um, huh? He allegedly pilfered $3,500 in jewelry from the owner. Why is he cheesing in the mugshot? Why was his bail set at $40,000 more than 10 times what he allegedly stole? Isn't this like his third or fourth arrest in as many years? He came out of prison Wednesday proclaiming his innocence and calling it all a setup. I'm sure this story will unfold some more (regrettably) but in the meantime I really one have one thing to say: Katt, my man: Just say No.

Lou Dobbs leaves CNN: Finally and Deuces! Bye now, Lou. Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out. I expect FoxNews will be announcing your show any minute now? Just once, instead of giving us McCorporate speak: “winds of change are blowing”; wouldn't if been great id he sat there glaring at the screen with Chamillionaire’s Ridin’ Dirty playing in the background. “Ya’ll want me out so bad, I’m gone… I’ll be back… b*tch-ass Media Matters… I see you!” By the way, Media Matters for the win! What did it take? About six months of pressuring advertisers and sending petition after before CNN pulled the trigger! Ah, democracy at work. Now if we could just get rid of Rush Limbaugh?!

Any insights, thoughts or opinions into these stories to share?