Bougie News Round-Up: Ft. Hood Conspiracy Theories, Rihanna and the Jacksons

Sometimes there is so much going on that it's hard to keep up. Instead of writing lengthy posts about each of these issues, I'll just offer a quick overview of my thoughts:

The Fort Hood Shootings: This actually came as a bit of a shock for me. Back in my college days, we travelled fairly regularly to Killeen, it was less than an hour away from campus. Someone was always dating someone on post, that guy always had friends and those friends always bought beer and wine for pretty college girls. No brainer. So a place that I remembered with fondness has turned into a killing field. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a psychiatrist specializing in traumatic stress (let's pause a moment for that one), is responsible for the worst mass killing on a U.S. military base. Beyond the shock of the story, what really disturbed me was how quickly some people (read right wing) wanted to tie this to some super-cell Jordanian Al Qaeda plot before we knew fact one. Based on a man's name, the conspiracy theorists went wild. I watched with no little dismay as a correspondent tried to tie this tragedy to Obama's Afghan policy. As the days and weeks unfold, I'm sure we'll hear more than we want or need to about what really happened. In the meantime, it would be nice if reporters could keep their opinions to themselves. I know… wishful thinking.

Rihanna breaks her silence: I watched highlights of Rihanna's GMA (and 20/20) interview today and for the first time I thought more of Rihanna than why doesn't she like to wear pants? I don't know whether I necessarily believe all that she said or agree with the way the entire "issue" was handled but one thing came very clear to me… this is a 21-year old girl whose life is on display for all to see. Seriously, I was a grounded, sensible 21 yet I wouldn't have wanted to see my exploits splashed across the pages of People Magazine. I wouldn't have wanted to sit down with the news anchor of the day and talk about love. How many of us knew da-da about love and what was right for us at 21? I could write my memoirs today and pick and choose which choice, savory tidbits to share. I actually feel badly that because of her chosen profession, every story ever written about her from now on will include the idiot she dated at 21. Can you imagine being 45 still answering questions about the loser you went out with 24 years ago? The thought gave me a whole new perspective. Here's a clip of her interview:

The remaining Jacksons (sort of) go the reality route: Sooo… the Jackson Brothers (minus Randy) are kicking off a reality show on A&E. As the kids say: this makes me feel some kinda way. On the one hand, I don't begrudge them their hustle. On the other hand, are they profiting from the death of their far more famous and talented brother? Would any of us have cared to see a Jacksons reality show without Michael or Janet in it? Or would we have watched week after week hoping for a MJ cameo? And now that there is no chance that MJ will be any guest appearances, what's the likelihood that this stays on the air? Or maybe the residual interest in all things Michael will carry them for a while. I don't know, is it just me or does it seem a little ghoulish to reinvigorate your career at the grave of your sibling? It just seems like though the entire family was talented, Michael carried them all while he was alive. Does he have to do it in death too? Let a brother rest in peace.

The floor is yours. Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? All welcome…