Thursday Short: Obama Visits the Big Easy

Prez 44 made a visit to New Orleans today to take a quick pick at how things are progressing (not far enough, fast enough). While there, he held a brief town hall meeting. Two classic moments from USA Today:

2:16 p.m. - Obama introduces Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal -- a Republican who promptly gets booed. "No, no," Obama tells the partisan crowd. "Bobby is doing a good job." He adds playfully, "Bobby, if it makes you feel any better, I get that all the time."

3:18 p.m. -- A fourth grader wonders why so many people "hate" Obama, and that he "loves" him. Obama tells the young man not to worry about it; some of the bad stuff is just politics, while others folks are just worried about the economy and their future."I did get elected president," he reminds the questioner. "So not everybody hates me."

How sad that a fourth grader can recognize hateration when he sees it. This visit is classic Obama: he came, he killed it, he threw up the deuces before he could overstay the welcome. He told the crowd that New Orleans was going to be better than ever. As for his plans, he said he was "just getting started" - truer words were never spoken.