Texas Fight? Confessions of an Absentee Alumni

Yeah, yeah - I went to the University of Texas. But rarely will you find me throwing up the longhorn sign or repping the place. My plan involved Stanford but BougieDad opened the mail detailing my full scholarship to Texas and that was that. Texas was exactly what I expected: huge, packed, and a little impersonal. Sure, the education was top-notch but I always felt like I had to figure it all out on my own. In short, I wanted a wee bit more coddling before getting drop-kicked into the cold cruel world. UT- Austin does not coddle. Well, I survived. I finally sort of joined the Alumni association (on Linked In at least) this year. Anyway, once a year I trot out some Longhorn gear and represent.

Today is Texas-OU weekend. It's a 104-year tradition, matching Texas and Oklahoma in a football game called the Red River classic. A whole bunch of folks roll into town, drink a lot, spend tons of money, watch a football game and party some more. I sipped wine, fell asleep early, got up and put on my burnt orange polo shirt. The game is quite sad. At any rate, in honor of my alma mater - Go Horns?!