Raise your shot of Patrón Tequila up: Happy Birthday to BougieYoungerBro

Due to family dynamics (BougieYoungerBro and I were "the younger two") there were frequently times when it was me and SuperKid against the world. (Yes, I still call him SuperKid though he's over 30, married with a mortgage and five kids.) BougieFam is chockful of intelligence and charisma but Junior has us all beat in terms of brain power and definitely inherited the quirky, bohemian yet bougie vibe.

Speaking of which, let me choke back a laugh for the time he came home from college (Emory U in the ATL) with a hoop earring, a wooden ankh around his neck and Malcolm X hat on his almost completely shaven head. BougieMom reached for her Bible and BougieDad reached for his heart medication. That's the summer they sent him to stay with me for three months because they simply 'didn't understand the language he was speaking'. It was a very interesting three months of ridiculous grocery bills, non-stop Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest and conversation that is wildly random in a way only he can concoct. As he says on a regular basis, "Splendid, just splendid."

A royal pain and smart ass with a steel trap of a mind and a heart of gold, that's my BougieYoungerBro ya'll. He's developed a taste for really expensive tequila (figures). Raise 'em up and throw your shot back and send him a good thought. Womb to tomb, SuperKid.