New Comments System: No Mo' Drama!

Well, the entire JS-KIT comments experiment was... interesting. I actually loved the look of it but it crashed every other second. I have no time for the drama (cue Mary J). I've switched to DISQUS. To enter a comment, click on BOUGIE THOUGHTS at the bottom of each post.

You can create a DISQUS account, use Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo to login or just type in a name/email address (I tested and it can be And yes, you may be a guest. NOTE: If you sign in with Twitter, it will show your "gov't name" not your Twitter ID (twitter FAIL). I would suggest setting up a DISQUS account (2 seconds) where you can put in any thing as a display name. Or not, it's up to you!

So now, with the easy, breezy system - I expect a gazillion more comments from everyone. Ha! Enjoy and of course, feedback is always welcome.