What we learned from Relationship Week 2

Thanks to all of you who came by for BnB's second installment of Relationship Week. We had over 1200 new visitors. So what did this past week tell us?
  • Infidelity is a quite the "hot button" for BougieLand – We had the highest number of comments so far in reaction to the letters from Tanya and Raine who felt their men might be cheating. Somehow, folks went from giving advice to figuring out who was at fault. Interesting, something to think about for a later post.

  • Everyone is over the TapBack – no one had anything good to say about their tapback experiences… do I need to add a T-Shirt to the Bougie Store: No More TapBack?

  • Married folks are fun – the feedback from our married guest posters was universally enjoyed. Thanks for all of your emails as well.

  • My commenters are creative to say the least – I counted no less that 14 euphemisms for the act of sex. First prize for most creative goes to PrettyGirlsTwentyPearls for "ride on the disco stick." Honorable mention to ThinkLikeRiley for "smash and sprint." Classy.

  • Just keep the door closed – the general consensus is that skeletons need to remain locked away in that closet unless they are directly relatable to current behavior.

  • Bougie Boos Needed – From the surveys it's quite clear we have quite a few single folks in BougieLand. Hmm. I have a few ideas. More to follow.

As a follow-up to Friday's Ask a Bougie Chick, I received a letter back from "Darren." Enjoy


I read the responses in amazement and amusement. As it happens, I went ahead and pressed "Siddity-n-Pretty" on the unnecessary skittishness. Long story short, OneChele and SBM were correct – she wanted me to step up and she wanted to know there was more than the D&D combo SBM talked about. Yes, OneChele – we had the history talk and chances are there are a few bumps ahead but for now we're hanging in.

Thanks, "Darren"

P.S. If this doesn't work out, I'll keep those email addresses in mind

Well, all's well that ends well. I'll let you know if I hear back from Tanya and Raine. Any lessons learned that you want to share?