Thank you, WingNut Nation!

I don't know about you but I'm weary (so very tired) of the 24/7/365 circus that following even the base-level of politics has become. Now I am… over 35 years of age and I cannot recall a time when people got so up in arms about the tiniest things our President says and does. The Clinton Attack was epic at the time but this here is something else. Stemming from the frustration that they are NOT going to find any evidence of financial, sexual or ethical misconduct on anyone with the last name Obama… the attacks have ranged from irritating (he's taking away our guns!) to ridiculous (she's wearing shorts!) to mind boggling (he's the next Hitler!).

So it was with considerable burnout that I turned my attention to the President's speech to the young uns today. Contrary to what the super-conservatives warned (and following the draft of the speech he was forced to release to the public); Obama did not issue any gasp-worthy hidden brainwashing messages forcing children to crown him King of the World. He said nothing about the Democratic Party and he did not push his political agenda. Instead, he exhorted children to do their best, reach for excellence and understand that even successful people can fail. And he did all of this in under twenty minutes. When all was said and done, I found it anti-climatic at best. But take a look and decide for yourselves, it's about fifteen minutes long.

One good thing has emerged from the long, hot summer of wing-nuttiness: Those of us who were getting weary on the journey of ObamaNation, have rallied back. There's nothing like a continuing dose of crazy to make the sane huddle together and say, "Enough!" I think the tipping point was the trifecta of the heath care yada-yada, Van Jones' virtual lynching and the School Outrage. These events and the right wing reaction to them kind of coalesced into a big enough red flag that anyone with an inkling of sympathy for Obama is saying – we've GOT to get this under control.

The President is scheduled to speak to the nation tomorrow evening. Word on the yard is that he's coming hard. Now I doubt he'll take OneChele's suggestion to put on a dashiki with a Malcolm X cap worn backwards and pimp walk to the podium with the Theme From Shaft playing in the background. I doubt he'll open his speech a la Bernie Mac, "I ain't scared of you MFs!" But if he could at least bring the "I'm not having it" tone mixed with the "Ya'll make me sick" look and marry it with some fightin' words… I'll be happy.

But either way, the Wingsters have awakened my-pre-election fervor to stand behind and promote the Obama agenda… by any means necessary. So I thank them for all the screaming, ballyhooing, keeping my children at the house nonsense for pointing out what direction the country COULD go if we don't help the President take the wheel and steer. Get back on board the bandwagon, BougieLand… the President can use our support. Any thoughts?