Raise up your Napa Valley Pinot Noir: Happy Birthday, BougieSis!

BougieSis is celebrating thirty-five years (again) today ya'll and looking damn good doing it (the gene pool!). She spent a fun week here with me and BougieMom during which time I spoiled her to the best of my ability (moderately), gave her a great birthday gift and got her addicted to Wii Fit. We had an amazing dinner last night at a restaurant called Coast Global Seafood, if any of you all are ever in the Dallas area, check it out.

At any rate, take a moment (if you will) to give a birthday shout out my sister, girlfriend, roommate (back in the day), editor, counselor, running buddy and all around cornerman (woman/person/ya'll know!). Womb to tomb, sis… enjoy your day!