No more Guests/Anonymous on BnB

Okay, BougieLand has spoken. While we love the new comments format, you can't see who is posting because the word "Guest" is sitting there. Granted, you can type over the word Guest with your real name and click the empty avatar box to upload your pic but I'm going to make it basic. SO I am setting up the site so that starting Monday, everyone who comments will have to login. You don't have to give your real name, you can use whichever "it's me but not really me" name you've created for yourself.

The system will allow you to use Google, Yahoo, Twitter, FaceBook, Open ID, Haloscan, Friend Feed, Blogger or "My website" where you can enter in a url. And really, if you don't have ONE of those, where ya been? J

You can always email me: As always, keep the comments coming. Thanks!