More from the S.No.B. (So Not Bougie) Files: Are we calling this Fashion?!

OneChele loves the fashion. Well, at least enough fashion to keep up with basic trends. When cute sheath dresses re-appeared, I was happy enough to scoop up a few. The comeback of the peep-toe slingback made me happy. I wriggled my way into dark wash stretch skinny jeans and rejoiced the return of the flat heeled riding boot.

But what fashion alley did someone turn down to bring back catsuits? These grown up unitards didn't look good the first time around. Skipping over the camel toe issues (eww!) is the fact that so few people can wear one and pull it off. And even if you can… should you? OneChele gives you one pass (and one only) to try and get your catsuit on (okay, one more pass if it's Halloween an you're wearing whiskers). But for those ladies that are not cast as the next Catwoman, please back away. I'm begging you.

And while I'm begging, let me chit and chat at the ladies rocking a leotard as if that is a complete outfit. Ladies, a leotard is what Jane Fonda wore to work out in. It is what girls cast in the Broadway show Chicago wear to dance in. It is what students in private schools are forced to wear for gym class (oh, flashback!). It is not an outfit. Outfit implies an "ensemble" that one could depart from the home and be seen in all day. Adding pumps, Spanx and glitter hosiery does not make it out. I'm trying to let you slide but some of you repeat offenders (Madonna, Beyoncé) are talking it too far. This leads me to question – what did pants do to make you mad? Actually, thinking about this reminds me of a hilarious article about celebs without pants over on the Black Snob blog.

I'm sure there are some other trends that I could bash (men in skinny jeans: Straight leg= good, skinny leg= bad!) but that's plenty for now. It is So Not Bougie to wrap yourself in stretch fabric and step out. It is So Not Bougie to consider 80s exercise gear and acceptable wardrobe choice. I guess we're on another theme week here at BnB because all I have left to say is (you guessed it) Just. Do. Better.

Any fashion trends grating on your nerves lately?