Just. Do. Better. Day on BnB

For every Barack on 60 minutes, there's a Serena Williams at the U.S. Open and Kanye West at the VMAs. Le Sigh. I wasn't going to post anything about this but since I already posted on South Carolina's nonsense, let's call it Just.Do.Better. day here in BougieLand.

If you are unaware (enjoying your blissful ignorance), Ms. Rena was called for a foot fault in her semi-finals match on Saturday and allowed her inner Compton to come out. Accounts vary but the gist of her comment involved "shoving an f'ing ball down a judges f'ing throat". Not only did she lose her cool, she was docked a point and lost the match. She was also fined $10,000. Ouch! She later apologized repeatedly and acknowledged that she was out of line. I have a number of feelings about this. Yes, she lost her temper but I wonder (and I'm old enough to remember) where was the scalding outrage when Johnny Mac went on his epic rants? Why is one person's behavior "volatile temperament" while another person's is "a disgrace to the game"? We'll let that marinate. Either way, she should JUST. DO. BETTER.

Yeezy continued his trend of showing his natural ass (gotta put it plain) at awards shows by interrupting as Taylor Swift accepted the award for Best Female Video. He hopped up on the stage, took the mike and announced that Beyonce should have won because her video for Single Ladies was the "greatest of all time". Poor Taylor looked like she was going to dissolve in tears. Kanye was subsequently booed and left the awards show (still clutching his bottle of Hennessey) with his half-naked girlfriend in tow. He also later apologized (too little, too late?) and now we'll wait and see what the fall out may be. It did prompt a bunch of comparisons to Joe "You Lie!" Wilson which greatly offended me. Taylor Swift, though wronged, is no Barack Obama on the House floor addressing the nation. However, director Mark Cherry created a hilarious video of Obama being interrupted by Kanye. An instant YouTube classic:

Being compared to Joe Wilson is never a good thing. When your fellow celebs (i.e. Pink) call you an a$$hole and a sh!t on Twitter as you are walking past, this may be an indicator that you've gone way over the top. Beyonce came up and allowed Taylor to have her day but still Kanye, JUST. DO. BETTER.

There was some foolishness with some chick named Lil Mama hopping up on stage with Jay Zeezy and Alicia Keys but since I don't know (or care) who she is… I'm ignoring her. She's not important enough to get a scolding. BnB in your spare moments today, take an opportunity to reach out and tell somebody: JUST. DO. BETTER.

Is there anyone else we need to add to the list?