Deep Sigh of the Week: Target and Watermelon Soda

You know, I try to write about fun, light-hearted topics until I see something that jars me out of my fuzzy lavender BougieWorld. I present to you the epic fail of Target (a store I love). It appears they decided to sell a watermelon soda in an “urban” area of New York City that has a pig-tailed, grinning child in blackface. No, I’m not joking. The video is embedded below.

The problem is that racial tension bubbles so near the surface that just the idea of watermelon soda being associated with blackness is enough to set blood to boiling. No one in the buyer, marketing, stocking department thought about this? Sometimes all you can say is, "Wow."

The struggle continues, my people. Do share your thoughts on this bit of good times.