Dear South Carolina, Keep it Up! Thanks. Love, Texas

No one is happier to see right wing nuttiness run amuck in South Carolina than Texans (maybe Alaskans?). Someone PLEASE take the attention off of our foolishness and shine the spotlight on someone else's buffoonery. Hate it when I have to apologize for my home state. Lord knows, they have done plenty to make me shamed lately (not ashamed, shamed). Thankfully over the course of the summer, South Carolina has stepped up to the plate for me. Good looking out, guys! Keep the crazy coming!

The brilliant folks over at Jack & Jill Politics agree. Last week, they wrote an article on why perhaps South Carolina should secede from the union. Basically, you've got your Mark Sanford nonsense. Not just the creep, creep, creepin': old boy was trying to reject the Obama Dollar$ (Recovery Funds) until his state rose up against him. The junior senator, Jim DeMint, is the brilliant wing nut who said denying Obama on the health care issue would "be his Waterloo." And then of course, there is everyone's new favorite: Joe "You Lie!" Wilson. By the way, his overall lack of repentance is a level of wrong that must be addressed by Congress. There are rules of protocol and etiquette for a reason. Moving on...

Yahoo! agrees; asking the question: What's the matter with South Carolina?
Members of both parties have expressed dismay at the kind of attention Wilson's comment brought to South Carolina - a new embarrassment, some said, on top of an already distressing summer, thanks to the sex scandal that extinguished Sanford's rising star. The state GOP's increasingly caustic tone, some Democrats said, was particularly troubling due to South Carolina's troubled racial history.
South Carolina actually has quite the history of not feeling "the diversity" (Think Strom Thurmond). I would stop and fact check, but aren't they still flying a version of their flag (stupid flag by the way, it's a tree and a moon??!) with the confederate stripes on it? Dixie is not so post-racial, ya'll. Come with us towards the Barack New World Order.

Oh, honorable mention to Alaska, Caribou Barbie and her husband (for now) Todd for leading the nutty, secession talk there as well. I don't suppose you're worried about seceding with Russia in your back yard waiting to take over? Wouldn't that make ya'll the socialists (or communists)? Give a whole new meaning to the term "red state." We see you, Alaska. Keep keepin' on, Texas looks better every day.

So from the Lone Star State to the Palmetto State, we salute you sirs and appreciate an opportunity to come out with something bigger (and dumber)... and you know we will. Sigh, does OneChele need to plan a move back to Cali just to get some sanity (now that's ironic)?

What do you think? Should we just cut off everything south of the Mason-Dixon line and north of Canada? Won't you miss us when we're gone?!