Tuesday Reality Check – Favre won’t go quietly into that good night

Just when you thought it was safe… (sigh) Favre JUST cannot stay retired. Or get retired or really retire… you know what I mean. Back in my high-rolling days, I met Mr. Favre. I am not a fan. At any rate, I think at some point you should hang up the cleats. In my humble opinion, for Favre - that was four years ago. Yet here he is again, suiting up for yet another run. From ESPN:

A source close to Brett Favre said the quarterback, pending a physical, will sign a contract with the Minnesota Vikings for between $10 million to $12 million, according to ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

Favre, 39, arrived in Minnesota on Tuesday to meet with the Vikings, getting off a team plane at a small St. Paul airport and getting into an SUV after shaking hands with the ground crew.

Coach Brad Childress confirmed the planned meeting in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Asked if the plan was to sign Favre, Childress replied: "In a perfect world."

Favre is expected to take a physical later Tuesday.

Favre's mother, Bonita, told the Biloxi Sun Herald that her son would be working out with the Vikings on Wednesday. ESPN analyst Chris Carter reported Tuesday that Childress already has told the Vikings that Favre will be starting in Friday night's preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I have mixed emotions, but I have always loved to watch him play," she told the Sun Herald. "This time, however, I thought he would stay retired and stay home. I guess he could not do it.

"They [Minnesota] seem to have a good team in place, and he liked that. I guess I need to get a Vikings jersey now."

Note to Favre: Your own mama is shaking her head.

The happiest person in the league about Brett returning? Mike Vick. Spotlight on someone else for at least a day or two. Second happiest, Bernard Berrain (Minnesota's WR), he's staring at a Pro Bowl year if Favre can stay on target and not gift the other teams' secondary. Next happiest is the NFL. Like him or not, he's ratings gold. I picture Goddell cabbage-patching down the hall as I type.

The buzz in Twitterville prompted me to say that after the apocalypse only three things will be left standing: Cockroaches, Cher and Brett Favre. I would say welcome back, but I don't mean it…

Any thoughts about the re-re-re-resurrection of Favre or do you simply not care anymore?