No More Mr. Nice Guy?

So I'm scanning some of my favorite liberal, progressive sites to take the temperature of Obama-Nation and I began noticing a bit of a trend.

From This Week in Barack Obama: Does President Obama Have the Guts?

From Thinking:Revised: Was Obama too nice to Chavez?

From Daily Kos: Obama needs a shot of LBJ

From Huffington Post: Obama needs to get tougher on domestic issues

From NPR: Has Obama been tough enough on Iran?

From AverageBro who states:

Even when he's being mad, he still is so damn congenial about it. Arrghh, I'm not impressed. Sorry, Barry. I am still waiting too see the Chi-Town in you come out, and drop a couple of expletives to put some fools in check. The "go along to get along" thing clearly isn't getting anything done. Knuckle up, Challie!

With all of this commentary to review, I had to wonder: Is Obama being too nice? Do we need more pugilist and less pontificator? More Li'l Wayne and less Will Smith? Are we secretly dying for him to "break his foot off" in someone's ass?

I'll guiltily admit that I am… just a little bit. Back in the day, if I thought I was in trouble with my Dad; I'd give him the big eyes and infuse them with a little moisture. He would say (in a West Indian accent), "Gurl, whatchu' cryin' bout? I'll give you sumting to cry about!" And he usually did. My point being, folks in this nation are running around scared and talking trash anyway… why not really give them something to talk about? Here's how I would script his next press conference:

President Obama, what are your thoughts on people who say you are a socialist Nazi determined to grant reparations to your people?

Is that how we rolling with the questions today? Okay, I say – come over to 1600 Penn and say it to my face.

Are you suggesting a fight of some sort, President?

Look here, folks wanna squirrely with me, I'm gonna get squirrely right back. I'm from ChiTown, son! We don't start fights, we end 'em. I work out ev'ry day, have you seen my abs? Have you peeped Reggie Love? You wanna get into a rumble with that? I got your Socialist Nazi right here.

What about this talk of reparations for African-Americans?

Even with all my cred, all I could get was an apology out of Congress. Unless ya'll planning a Million Reparation March, I don't think it's happening.

Sir, do you hate White People?

Are you talking about my mama? Cuz we can go right now!

You ran on a ticket of inclusion and one America for all. Do you still believe this to be possible?

Hell to the naw. Ya'll fools don't respect a brother's hustle. I'm up in here trying to get ya'll heath care and whatnot and in return my own peeps rolling up to my town halls with guns.

What do you think about resistance within your own party to your administration's policies?

I call bullshiggity on that nonsense. Half of 'em rolled into office on MY coattails and I can't get a vote when I need it? Bunch of sorry asses. Last question.

Mr. President, what do you have to say to the people who feel you are trying to do too much and that there is no way you can fulfill your lofty campaign promises?

To them I say, I'm up in here now… whatcha gonna do about it? Seriously, I'm working like a dog, can't take my wife on a date without folks getting frosty. Haven't had a real vacation in two years, do you know how much sleep I get at night? About one hour, than someone is calling with some crisis to that I need to solve for ya'lls ungrateful asses. You know what? I'm done talking for today. I'm out. {he drops the mic}

Come on, you have to admit – it would be fun as all get out to see.

All jokes aside, is Obama being too nice for his own good? Do we need to see more Southside Chicago and less Harvard scholar?