Is Anybody Out There? Searching for Bouge...

(Subtitled – Where da Bouge At?)

So as I've been exploring the bougie culture, I've been looking around and I have a few observations:

  • When did our TV Bouge Icons (Tisha Campbell as Gina on Martin, Phylicia Rashad as Claire Huxtable on the Cosby show), turn into these chicks? (This is Tiny and Toya of the BET show Tiny&Toya, Tiny is married to rapper T.I. and Toya is rapper L'il Wayne's Baby Momma)

  • As mentioned by Glen Antoine Palmer of The Gentleman's Standard, why aren't more of us vacationing here? BougieSis and I go to resorts like this once a year and more often than not, we can count on one hand the number of cocoa people there. Vacation specials, people. You could go here for much less than a weekend run to Vegas. Expand horizons.

  • When did movies like Madea Goes to Jail replace movies like Love Jones? I miss a meaningful relationship-based film with a smart black cast and slamming soundtrack. Don't get me start on the Tyler Perry of it all.

  • When did cutting edge black music go from Fulfillfness First Finale to Port of Miami? Okay so Rick Ross is on no one's "cutting edge" list but ya'll take my meaning.

  • Why are books like Thug's Passion taking up Barnes and Noble shelf space where books like Waiting to Exhale need to reside?

  • When did our great thinkers/speakers go from Marcus Garvey and WEB Dubois to Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey? No, I don't have (major) issues with Steve Harvey, I just question his qualifications to sit on a CNN panel.

We're losing ground in the battle of images and context in popular culture. I don't expect to see all bouge all the time but we have GOT to do better. With the exception of the Obamas, we have a scant number of bougie heroes in the spotlight.

Am I being too intolerant? Should I adobt a more 'live and left live' attitude? Thoughts?