Ebonics to Bougie Translation Guide

You know what, young ‘uns – ya’ll aint said nuthin’ but a word. Unfortunately, some of the things you say… those of us born before 1985 do not comprehend. I’ve received scores of emails asking me to define “stuff”. I am not an Ebonics dictionary people but since I referred you to some younghead sites, I guess I’m responsible. Below, a tongue in cheek look at what some of these words and phrases mean:

Here ends my ebonics translation. Some words I did not include because they are self-defining such as B*tchassedness and Bullshiggity. J Now do not go out there trying this all at once: Saw this 5-star chick I used to smash out in the spot all flagrant with her stuntin', I had to put her pause like WDDDA? Cuz that's how I do, ninja! Hold yourself back. All of these will be played out by the time you use them correctly, anyway. Please feel free to share any that I missed (or correct any I got wrong - I can't keep up).