Ebonic Movie Synopsis - Unfaithful

Okay BougieLand, for those of you who think we keep things too high-brow around here; I'm sharing a movie synopsis I read on someone else's blog (apologies to whoever, I don't know which one I cut and paste from). At any rate, this refers to the movie Unfaithful from 2002 starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. On this post, people were naming the sexiest (non-XXX-rated) movies they had ever seen and Unfaithful was shown some appreciation. The gentleman whose words I've hijacked below did not agree. But first, the movie trailer:

And now the "official" movie recap (from Yahoo!):

Edward and Connie Sumner are a wonderfully maintained middle-aged couple living the American dream. Together with their eight year-old son, a dog and a housekeeper, they share an enviable life in the suburbs of New York City. But no life goes unchallenged: This happy marriage, dampened by the routines of affluence, falls prey to an outsider when Connie has a fateful collision with a stranger on a Soho street. It's an encounter which assaults her with mystery, spontaneity, charm and risk. It will pull Connie into an affair which will become her obsession. When Edward innocently learns that his wife has lied to him, suspicion propels him to uncover the devastating details of her infidelity. Tormented by the knowledge, he confronts her lover, only to discover a level of rage within himself that he could never have imagined.

And the Ebonics version:

"That trifling breezy gonna start banging some young foreign cat, and she gets ridiculously flagrant with her infidelity. Bathroom backshots, all in my house, dropping the kids off so you can get some yike? Biff please.
Then, in the end, old boy finds out this slore has been stepping out on him, goes crazy cause he actually loves the tramp, and messes around and kills her jumpoff. Then, while they sitting in front of the police station, their life in shambles, their kids about to be fatherless and broke, she got the nerve to break down and be remorseful?
I would have caught two charges that day, cause that heifer would have had to die in the car. You done humped around, got me killing a cat, and then you realize that this whole exercise was a bad idea.
You deserve to die. The End."

I admit to rolling with laughter until nearing passing out after reading this. As much as I love my bouge, sometimes the ebonics version just cuts straight to the heart of the matter. Even if you don't use some of these words frequently, you need no urban dictionary to get the main idea. Even with the review, what did you think of this film?