You might be Bougie if…

This is part of a continuing series. There are so many ways to display bougie tendencies, I thought I'd share a few at a time. Now these are not hard and fast bouge rules but let's just say, if this sounds like you, you are well on your way towards embracing your inner bouge.

So you think you might be a bit bouge? Well, here are ten ways to tell if you are endangering your ghetto pass…

You might be bougie if:

  1. Someone has actually said (more than once), "Your a** is bougie"
  2. The term "grande 2% triple caramel iced white mocha no whip" makes perfectly good sense to you
  3. You have ever been late to an event because you had to go back home to change your shoes (yes, the patent leathers looks better)
  4. You have asked the waiter at an eating establishment, "What kind of oil is that fried in?"
  5. You would rather wear Coach than fly coach
  6. You can identify a season of clothing at twenty paces, "That's from the Ralph Lauren Black Label Fall Collection"
  7. Thread count has become crucial in your bedding purchases
  8. The "mixed greens" in your fridge are Arugula, Baby Spinach and Radicchio instead of Collard, Turnip and Mustard
  9. During this year's Grammys you kept asking, "Now WHO is Li'l Wayne?"
  10. You firmly believe Lycra is only for exercise wear

So how did you do? Anything over 5 out of 10? Welcome to the Bougie Side! Any to add?