Say-Pay will NOT go away

As I have stated on multiple other blogs, I am OVER Sarah Palin whom I affectionately (not!) refer to as Say-Pay. I knew nothing of Say-Pay prior to the day she hopped off a private jet and into the glaring spotlight of national acclaim and celebrity. It was love at first sight; oh not between me and her but between her and the media.

She took the first hit of fame and cannot put the pipe down now. She and her family cannot stay out of the news. I had no issues with her family life, her hairstyle or her diligently tailored suits. I didn't like her politics, her inability to answer the simplest of simple questions or her penchant for name-calling and dropping sensational sound bites not based on fact. I didn't like the fact that John McCain was not a young man, nor did he look particularly healthy. I feared this woman who could not name the last three magazines she had read would be running the country in which I live. That was my issue with Sarah Palin.

Vanity Fair has rolled out an article on the Queen of Wasilla. Check it out, they breakdown Governor Palin's strengths and weaknesses and air more dirty laundry from the campaign trail.

Soon Palin will take a crack at her own story: she has signed a book contract for an undisclosed but presumably substantial sum, and has chosen Lynn Vincent, a senior writer at the Christian-conservative World magazine, as co-author of the memoir, which is to be published next year not only by HarperCollins but also in a special edition by Zondervan, the Bible-publishing house, that may include supplemental material on faith. During the presidential campaign, Palin’s deep ignorance about most aspects of foreign and domestic policy provided her with a powerful political reason not to submit to interviews. The forthcoming book adds a powerful commercial reason.

Palin is a cipher by choice. When she chooses o reveal herself, what she reveals is not always the same thing as the truth. Her singular refusal to have in-depth conversations with the national media—even Richard Nixon and Dick Cheney, among the most saturnine political figures in modern American history, each submitted to countless detailed interviews over the years—has compounded the challenge of understanding who she really is. There has been Hollywood talk that Palin could star in a reality-TV show about running Alaska, but nothing has come of it yet. Recently, Palin did star in a week-long seriocomic feud with David Letterman over some of his borderline jokes.

In sorta-related news, she also appeared in a Runner's World article this week (complete with photo spread) declaring that she would beat Barack Obama in a foot race. Just determined to beat him somewhere, eh? Are you as over Say-Pay as I am or can you give a substantial reason why I should continue to care about her?