The President Gets His Preach on... Amen!

In an address to the NAACP Thursday evening, President Obama broke it on down so it will be "forever broke." He started by saying how good it was to be "among friends." Sounding more like a preacher than a president, he touched on the 100 years of NAACP's history and his administration platforms before getting to the heart of the matter. Obama was met with cheers and rousing agreement as he said, "We want everyone to participate in the American Dream."

He acknowledged that "painful" discrimination still exists and that African-Americans still face hurdles; however, he challenged the audience (and the entire Black community) to take a greater responsibility for the shaping of our destiny. "No excuses," he repeated in a rhythmic cadence, "No excuses."

For your viewing pleasure, I've embedded a highlight video (7 minutes) with some commentary from MSNBC: <-click here for full 35 minute video
So what do you think? Are we out of excuses?